web design

We are providing design and software solutions respecting the requests and needs by investigating the user profiles, met on the Internet platform. We are preparing your Web-Pages by knowing what the Google- and Internet-User is looking for and behaving.

While publishing your company, your product, your goals on the Internet, to make them understandable/perceivable. You may benefit from our Web-Design services in order to make that your existing site gets a dynamic site, which is customer focussed, easy using and which’s content can be updated.

logo design & corporate identity

We are trying to direct the branding processes of corporations with the logo- and corporate identity design, which we establish by creative thinking and authentic designs.

A suitable logo or emblem has to be designed as pure, easy understandable, easy to bear in mind as possible, so that this won’t cause a mix-up with other emblems or logos. As well as the right colour choices, also the ability to be used without any problems at any printing and cutting techniques and the print house costs have to be respected.

graphic design & presentation services

We aim to be your solution partner at your projects with our designs, which will provide your product, your services, your institution dynamism and enthusiasm and increase your market share.

You may benefit from our design and print services at your advertisement activities e.g. catalogues, brochures, show bills, posters, placards, covers, menus, certificates, equities, packages, labels, calendars, organizers, promotion products, signboards, billboards etc.

cd design, burning and duplication

By one of the most effective ways to make your advertisement, an interactive presentation CD, we prepare a presentation program, which brings the corporate identity of your company to the front. Within this programs, there are videos, voiceovers, music and animations.

Interactive presentation CDs, which consist an alternative media to printed media like company presentation files, brochures, catalogues, may be used as a presentation media in fields as student yearbooks, fairs, seminaries, symposiums etc.

You may also benefit from our services like business card-CDs, Mini-CDs, DVDs, CD duplication, cover design, envelope design, serigraphy printing on CD, label design etc.

software development

Ready Package-Software may partially solve the problems of an institution. We are ready to work with you regarding any software project, which will meet the specific solution needs of management of institutions, which can run integrated with other software, which will provide the employees, business partners and customers the possibility to work more productive.